What you Don’t Know About Basil and Tulsi


Tulsi for beauty 

I have already spoken about meditating in a place where there is a Tulsi around. That is good to keep your system fresh and going. In the same manner, you can keep your skin beautiful and refreshed by making a Tulsi facemask. Grind five dry leaves of the Tulsi and use this powder to exfoliate your skin. Not only is this going to get rid of all the dead cells and the grime, but it is also going to get rid of any potential blemishes and skin diseases on your body. 

Skin Oil 

This is one massage/skin oil, given to me by an herbalist. She said that it would cure any problems on my skin, while keeping it supple and well moisturized. Take some Tulsi leaves and burn them in, mustard oil. When they are cooked, allow to cool and filter the oil. Apply this all over your skin, which has been affected by any sort of skin ailments. Mustard oil smells, so you can try the same in coconut oil. The moisturizing effect is equally effective, but mustard oil is unrefined and stronger and more powerful. 

Dark Patches 

If you have dark patches on your skin, do not despair. Just extract the juice of some Tulsi leaves and add a little bit of lemon juice to it. Apply it all over the dark patches and wait for the paste to get dry. I normally apply the leaves along with the juice to my skin. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this two times, every day until you find those dark patches disappearing. If you do not have lemon juice around, you can use a little bit of ginger juice. 10 to 15 drops not more than that because ginger is more powerful than lemon juice. 

Using the Tulsi Steamer 

Add some hot water to your steamer. Put half a teaspoonful of lemon juice in it along with a fistful each of mint and Tulsi leaves. Bring to a boil, cover your face with a towel and allow your skin to steam in this fragrant aromatic luxuriant steam. When the water gets lukewarm, you can wash your whole body with it to get that refreshing minty tingle. This is an excellent natural deodorizer too. You can bottle up the liquid when it is cold, and use it to wash the sweaty portions of your body to keep the skin fresh. 

Fever Prevention in Children 

This is a remedy which has been in use since ancient times, to prevent common childhood ailments and fever in children. This can be done by taking 2 g of Tulsi seeds and feeding your kids that every day. You can also supplementing this healthy preventative by giving them the juice of two leaves warmed up slightly on a teaspoon. 

Whooping cough/dry Cough 

Do you have somebody in the family suffering from whooping cough or even dry cough? Just take 1 teaspoon each of grated fresh green leaves of the Tulsi, and ginger and add them to one teaspoonful of honey. Give this once a day until the patient is cured completely due to the antiseptic properties of honey and basil. 

Traditional Cough Syrup 

This is the traditional cough syrup still being used in areas, where people do not have access to modern sources of medicine, or they find them too expensive. Take 5 g each of Tulsi leaves juice, bishops weed, and turmeric. Blend them together. Now add 25 g of honey to this mixture, and bottle in a glass bottle. Give children half a teaspoonful – 30 – 50 drops of this syrup twice or thrice a day. You can have one teaspoonful, because you are an adult. 
This is another remedy given to me by a friend, who believes greatly in the beneficial properties of Tulsi, and keeps on experimenting. She used to add 4 to 5 leaves of Tulsi to the ordinary tea that she boiled every morning and evening. Once her kiddie came down with a cold, and she gave him 2 tablespoons of that tea – yes, boiled with tea leaves and with milk and sugar – twice a day. She says that he was cured within 2 to 3 days. She now swears by this remedy as an excellent cold/ cough remedy. I told her that the brewing process in itself was enough to dilute the power of the leaves, but yet mild enough to cure a three-year-old kid. 

Surefire Cold Remedy Powder 

I normally make this in the beginning of winter, so that I do not have to worry about collecting all the ingredients, when I may possibly suffer from cold or influenza. That is when I want to drink something warm, get into bed, and hibernate like the rest of the Bears. 
So when you have the time, get together 25 g each of ginger powder, black pepper, molasses/Jaggery and basil leaves. Powder them together and put them in a glass jar. The moment you feel a cold or fever coming on, just take half a teaspoonful of this very powerful powder, and boil it in one glass of water. When you have about a cup, drink this down, while still bearably hot. Drink this twice a day. No fever, no cough, no cold. 

Suffering from Chronic Cough? 

Now this is a time tested remedy. Take seven leaves of the black basil – the leaves are going to be purple in color, and you normally use them for cooking. Take five peppercorns, and mix them together. Make small pellets and put them in a glass bottle. Take one pellet three times a day with water for just one week. Believe it or not, this is the best remedy for chronic cough. 

Curing Eczema 

Grind six leaves of Tulsi with half a teaspoonful of lemon juice. Apply this on the affected areas until the eczema is cured completely. In the same manner, you can get rid of plenty of skin diseases, by making a paste of basil leaves and neem leaves, and applying the paste all over the affected skin areas. 

To Cure Wounds 

Make this a part of your herbal medicine closet. Dry two fistfuls of Tulsi leaves in the shade. Now add 1 tablespoon full of powdered alum to this mixture, grind to a fine powder and filter. Place them in a glass bottle. The next time somebody suffers from a cut or a wound, or you have to do is sprinkle this powder on that mixture, and allow the Tulsi to cure the injured tissue naturally. 
You can also do this with a mixture of powdered leaves and powdered camphor. Whatever you find easy to use and easily available. 
I got rid of an infection of a cut which had been neglected by washing the area in a decoction of boiled basil leaves and then sprinkling dry leaves on that affected area, and bandaging it. This got rid of all the infectious material in the scabs while preventing it from turning into water filled “bubbles.” Keep renewing every day, with fresh washing of the wounds, and sprinkling with dry basil leaves until completely cured. 

Curing Burns 

If the Burns are not very serious, and do not need immediate hospitalization I would suggest that you just make up a mixture of fresh basil leaves juice in coconut oil, and applying it all over the area. This is going to prevent wounds and infections.

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