The Miraculous Healing Powers of Ginger


Rib Cage Pain. 

I normally suffer from rib cage pain, if I go out in the cold when I am not wrapped up well in woolies. You may also feel this pain, if your rib muscles have been strained or if you have hurt your ribs in any manner. 

Believe me, this remedy is so easy to make, that one wonders why people do not use it. Just takes 10 g of dried ginger powder and mix it with warm sesame oil. Bring to a boil and cool. Now rub this infused oil over the chest and rib regions. Feed the patient with dried ginger Kaada. He is going to feel the warmth permeating throughout his body within an hour. 


Ask anybody suffering from flu in the remote areas of the East of how they get rid of this infection when they are far away from their village or family doctors? Easy, they say, as long as they have ginger in the house, they do not have to suffer from flu ever. So if you are prone to flu, here is a natural remedy, which I am sure, you are going to utilize, every winter. 
Drink a Kaada of 5 g dried ginger powder with five – six leaves of the Tulsi and six ground peppercorns. 1 cup Kaada taken 3 to 4 times a day is going to make you sweat and throw off all vestiges of flu. Once I did not have Tulsi around, so I made a Kaada without it, and added honey. It took me 4 to 6 days to get rid of the flu and coughs. So I find that Tulsi speeds up the healing process. 
You may say that you cannot find Tulsi in your area. Tulsi or Holy basil [Oscimum sanctum] is a part of Asian cuisine and medicine. The leaves are good expectorants and are used to get rid of coughs, colds, and others chest and throat ailments. This is a hardy plant, so if you have it growing in the garden, along with mint, there you are, you do not have to worry about coughs and colds ever again. You can get this plant in any nearby nursery.


I was reading Kipling’s Rewards and Fairies, when I noticed a paragraph about an Elizabethan wise woman Dame Whitgift who massaged her sailor nephew’s paralyzed limbs until he was cured. It took anywhere between 1 to 2 years of daily massages. I knew about the hot oils which she must have used and they included ginger, even though this was a very expensive spice in Elizabethan days. In the same manner, anybody suffering from a stroke can gain some control over his body by a massage of the affected areas with dried ginger powder in mustard oil. Both of them are very strong agents. You need to “burn” the ginger in the oil to give it even more concentrated power. 
Now, I am going to talk about an herb, which is known as German Ginger. Even though researchers in the West have not targeted this rhizome for research to cure strokes, here is the recipe, which helps in alleviating the suffering of stroke patients. Find the rhizome of Calamus, Sweet Flag, Bach, German Ginger. Acorus calamus commonly known as Sweet Flag or Calamus (Bach). In crystallized form, it is called “German Ginger”. It is also known as sweet grass, pine root, sweet myrtle, sea sedge, myrtle root, calamus root , bitter pepper root, sweet cinnamon, sweet root, flag root, gladdon, sweet sedge, myrtle flag, myrtle grass, sweet case, sweet cane, myrtle sedge, sweet rush, and beewort. 
It also looks like ginger. So grind 25 g of dried ginger with 25 g of Bach powder. Add a little honey to it, and eat just a pinch of this mixture twice a day. Remember, this is very powerful and it takes a while for stroke patients to get better, so be patient. 


I was surprised to hear that people in the villages of Asia normally treat people suffering from jaundice with sugarcane juice. They said the ancients did it, with sugarcane juice, lemon and ginger. 
So, mix 20 g ginger powder with molasses/jaggery and eat it twice a day. This is going to set your system working properly again. Now, being in the West, you know that jaundice is a potentially dangerous disease, so if you have access to the doctor, you can get it treated. This treatment is for all those people who do not have access to doctors, and want it to be healed properly. People drinking sugarcane juice regularly are never going to suffer from ailments like jaundice. If the jaundice has been aggravated, you need some more serious powerful curative steps. Fry the dried ginger powder in desi ghee to get the curative properties of ghee working for you. It is also going to cure your body of swelling. 
Make sure the patient is not exposed to the sun, but allow him to rest in the shade and in the fresh air. It will take a while for your jaundice to be cured, but it is cured and your liver starts functioning normally again. 


Now this is a remedy for a person who has been struck down with tetanus. The spine arches like a bow and patients may suffer from fever too. Make the patient sleep on a flat, hard surface, without a pillow. Massage the spinal cord with ginger oil. It will take a while for the spine to get back in its proper shape, but it works in most of the cases. 
The herbal remedy which the patient is going to drink two times a day is going to be a mixture of 50 mL each of ginger, onion and garlic juice. Make the patient drink 25 mL, 3 to 4 times a day. This is considered to be one of the most helpful ways in which one can cure a person suffering from tetanus and get his spinal cord working properly again. 

Nux Vomica. 

Remember that the seeds are highly poisonous, because they have strychnine. Nevertheless, this poison was used in limited and measured quantities to cure ills since millenniums. 


This is a bona fide time proven remedy, which I have seen working, especially for people who grow deaf with the passing of age. I do not know whether it is going to work with children who are born deaf. Anyway, grind 125 g of ginger and fry/burn it slowly in mustard oil. When all the elements of the ginger are incorporated in the mustard oil, cool it and store it in a glass bottle. Now, this needs to be done every night, without fail, before you go to sleep. Clean out the ears of any wax. Now warm the oil slightly and put just two drops of oil in both ears, plug with cotton wool, so that it does not pour out and continue this every night till you find your hearing improved. I asked my pet herbalist advisor how this was so. And he said that the dead or weak tissue got activated due to the ginger oil. That is as good an explanation as any other. Also, your ears need to be cleaned every night before you pour in the oil. I guess, the reason is that ear wax accumulated over the years can also cause deafness. Logical, my dear Watson! 


I found this a really good way to cure insomnia. This also gets rid of that dryness in your throat, which normally occurs before you are going to sleep and makes you coughJust add a little bit of ginger juice to a spoonful of honey and enjoy the sticky ginger, honey teaspoon. Not only does it lubricate your throat, but you are going to get rid of that dry cough. People suffering from insomnia will also find warm milk boiled with grated ginger and honey before they go to bed a good remedy with which they can fall asleep. Naturally, if you suffer from cough and cold, you add five black peppercorns to this boiled milk ginger mixture. 

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