Natural Cures for Arthritis and Gout


Traditional Cayenne Hot Oil 

Herbalists know all about the heating and the cooling power of different herbs and spices. So when do you use heating oils? If you are feeling too cold, stiff, chilled, and also, if some portions of your body are cold and stiff, especially in cases like arthritis, then you use a hot oil made up of cayenne. It is going to bring warmth to your body. This is the special chilli hot oil, which is used traditionally in the East to heal patients in the winter by massaging the affected areas with a little bit of this oil once or twice a day, depending on the severity of the case. You can use them for spasms, cold areas, improving circulation, cramps, muscular aches and chilblains. Also, if you are chilled to the bone, this chilli oil is best for you, no pun intended. Take these ingredients:

  • 25 g cayenne pepper 
  • 2 inches ginger root 
  • 2 tablespoons mustard powder. 
  • 1/1 x 4 cups vegetable oil. I am using coconut oil here. 
  • 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 

Thyme oil

Use original thyme oil for massaging all the affected parts, while you are drinking thyme tea, made by steeping half a teaspoonful of dried thyme, in a glass of water, water, and allowing to infuse for 20 minutes. In the East, this oil was used on summer afternoons, for massaging the affected areas, especially for old people to make the muscles more supple, and to prevent the joints from stiffening up during arthritis. Thyme oil needs to be bought in its natural form. Do not buy thymol, which is the chemical equivalent and definitely does not have the hundred percent natural qualities. It may come a bit expensive, but if you know a place where you can get this oil, especially in organic and aromatherapy stores, you do not have to worry about arthritis anymore. 

Fennel Seeds

Fennel is excellent as a diuretic. It prevents water retention. So just drink it as a tea, or just eat the seeds as often as you can. Also, if you are suffering from arthritis, just try adding a little quantity of fennel seeds to your daily diet. You are soon going to see an improvement. 

Olive Oil

Warm some olive oil. Add the juice of a lemon in this warm oil, and gently massage the affected part with this oil for half an hour. Now bandage that massaged area and leave overnight. The next morning, drink 1 tablespoon full of cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon full of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. This is going to do wonders for your arthritis 

Natural Cures for Gout

Arthritis is basically an autoimmune disorder which affects your joints. Gout is the building up of uric acid crystals in a particular area, which makes that area swollen, along with purple, hot and swollen joints. 

You need 25 g of dried ginger for making this gout remedy. Fry it in sesame oil until the ginger turns brown. I am suggesting sesame oil, because it does not sting – and stink – too much. The original traditional gout remedy was made in clarified butter, which is prohibitively expensive now, but at that time was plentiful in the East. Those who did not have clarified butter around used mustard oil. And mustard oil is another stinker, literally. 

Now sieve the ginger oil and bottle it in a glass bottle. Massage the affected areas with this oil, especially on the joints. This is supposed to make the joints supple. Also, the herbalist who told me this remedy told me that one needed to fry 10 g of ginger in Clarified Butter made from cow’s milk. That made the system healthy and alleviated the pain due to gout. 

This worked wonders for arthritis and painful joints, because gout is normally limited to a painful toe and painful joints. My father who is in his 80s, told me that this ginger oil remedy was used for massaging the limbs of the old people in his ancestral village and anyone who died at the age of 95 was said to have died young! Many of them crossed the hundred years mark. 

So I think that there is something in good genes , a healthy diet and living in healthy natural surroundings to promote longevity. He also said that after they had got a massage done with mustard oil, they went out in groups to have a vigorous bout of wrestling. The idea was to get the blood moving, before they jumped in the nearest water source to rub off all that dirt, dust, grime and oil. 

This helped keep the bones healthy and the joints supple. It also gave the youngsters sleek, well moisturized and good-looking skins! And this suppleness in the bones and in the joints as well as the good looks of the skins persisted until they grew old, with absolutely no worry about joint problems, gout or arthritis. 

The longevity and the supple joints of these very active old people can also be due to three reasons – they never sat down and brooded, they just worked and moved around all day long. Like he does from five in the morning to nine thirty at night, with half an hour’s siesta in the afternoons when he decides that it is time to rest after a day’s good physical activities, just pottering around the place! 

Also, their diet included proteins, homemade butter and clarified butter. The third thing was if they did not have sesame oil, – especially for joint pains – they used mustard oil, which everybody in the Northern area of the Indian sub-continent considers to be one of the most powerful of massaging oils. 

Like I said before it stings and stinks, but unrefined mustard oil is considered to be second to none for keeping your muscles supple, healthy and well-toned. Also, here comes another secret. My grandmother said that her grandmother, and those who went before her, used to add one red hot chili pepper to the dried ginger before she “burnt” it. This would make anyone yelp because both of them sting like Billy O., so you need to use in moderation but the long term effects to cure joint pain were miraculous. 

When we were kids, we were caught by any Elder, who found us floating around and subjected to thorough mustard oil massages, before we were allowed to bake in the sun for half an hour and then scrubbed in a cold bath until we glowed. This ancient practice is still being followed in many parts of the world, where children are massaged every day so that their limbs grow up to be healthy, strong and straight. 

Well, as far I know, this worked for us, because we never suffered from any weak limbs and bones, and got used to using our legs extensively to get our joints working properly, as children and as adults. QED. Unfortunately, this tradition is going out of practice, because a majority of the mothers of today consider this oiling and massaging a child’s limbs to be a thoroughly uncivilized, savage, and barbaric practice. They would not want to indulge in the usage of any sort of oil, which brings out the neighborhood, protesting against the strong aroma. 

Essential oils have been in use for centuries to help cure ailments, through massage. Nevertheless, if you want to know all about traditional oil, which was used in the massaging of the limbs of old people, suffering from joint pain, arthritis and other muscle and joint related problems, here it is, given below. You are not going to use it on children. Children should be massaged with warm olive oil or sesame oil or mustard oil, without any herbs and spices added to it.