5 expert tips to effectively get rid of bed bugs

First method for bed bug treatment: mechanical control

bed bug treatment

At the first signs, don’t be slow to react. A lack of responsiveness can change everything: the longer you wait, the more complicated bed bug treatment will be to solve the problem. To get rid of it, follow a two-step action plan. Before considering an insecticide treatment and using chemicals that are often harmful to health, mechanical control should be preferred. Our specialist’s instructions for use:

1. Vacuum thoroughly


And in every corner of your home. Skirting boards, gaps between floorboards, don’t forget any potential hiding places! Beware, the vacuum cleaner does not kill bed bugs, which could come out and contaminate other rooms in the house. After each vacuuming operation, the duct and nozzles must be cleaned and the bag tightly closed before being disposed of in an outdoor bin.


Tip: Suck up insecticide powder or spray it into the duct after disconnecting the unit.