Do These 12 Tricks and Lose Weight Faster

2. Observe the rule of two

Try to make sure that your plate always contains two types of food: meat and side dish, side dish and salad, fish and vegetables.

This simple arrangement will accustom you to a more sensible way of eating.

3. Getting a second helping

Change your dining locations. Pick up your plate and utensils (nothing else), and go to the living room or study. Alternatively, you can have your meal on the balcony, terrace, or out in the garden. This way, even if you want a second helping, there’s a chance that your hunger will subside before you reach the kitchen.

4. Leave evidence of your “crimes”


People who hurry to get rid of the “evidence” of their overactive appetite tend to eat more than those who leave it in plain sight until the end of the meal, preferring to be guided by their feeling of fullness.