7 Health Benefits of Pomegranates for Stomach


1. Indigestion

All of us have suffered from indigestion one time or the other throughout our lives. Indigestion may also be accompanied with tummy ache, especially when we have been eating lots of rich indigestible food and then going straight to sleep without any mild walking exercise in between. Believe it or not, if you suffer a lot from indigestion, you are going to find yourself weakening day by day. That is because the essential nutrients which are required to keep your system working properly are not being assimilated into your system. They cannot affect your system beneficially. So that is the reason why the ancients say – eat regular meals, at regular times, and also eat a little less than what your hunger demands. Try this natural remedy, which I found out was very effective. Hundred grams pomegranate juice, hundred grams carrot juice and 150 grams spinach juice. Make up this juice concoction, add a little bit of lemon juice and ginger juice to it, and a little bit of black salt and pepper to make it more palatable. Put it in the fridge, and drink it twice a day. 2 days of this juice mixture, and you are going to find your digestive system waking up and taking notice of the world around it, wonderfully. You can also try half a cup of pomegranate juice, with 2 spoons of honey and onion juice, once a day. This is what the oldsters who I know swear is the best way to keep their digestive system strong. Also, you may want to try this recipe – one spoon horseradish juice, 4 spoons pomegranate juice, 2 spoons lemon juice, one pinch, rocksalt, pepper to taste, and ¼ teaspoon bishops weed powder – nice and yummy. Drink this down, once a day and get rid of indigestion, even if it is chronic. 

2. Acidity 

Are you suffering from acidity? This normally occurs when the acid content in your stomach increases, and starts to have an harmful effect on your digestive system. Also, people suffering from acidity are going to be more prone to ulcers, because the acid is going to attack the intestinal lining. Stop eating fatty foods, spicy foods, rice, fried foods and also foods made of processed wheat flour like breads, etc.. Chew your food properly so that it gets mixed properly with saliva. Take 15 g of dried pomegranate peelss and 2 cloves. Put them in one cup of water and boil them until you have half a cup of water. Add half a cup of carrot juice to this mixture. Drink it down. This is the way in which you are going to cure acidity properly. You may also want to try out this mixture – 2 tablespoons each of pomegranate and horseradish juice in which you add one pinch of rock salt and a pinch of ground bishops weed. This juice mixture is excellent for curing acidity and getting your system working properly again. Parasites in your tummy – do you remember the time when grandmother fed you with 4 red potatoes, liberally sprinkled with black pepper, 1st thing in the morning to get rid of the worms and parasites in your tummy? This ancient remedy is still in vogue, in the East, and 3 to 4 days of this drastic treatment gets rid of all the worms and parasites which have dared to set up house in your digestive system. I am giving you another way in which you can get rid of these parasites. How do these parasites occur in your system? Eating unhygienic food, eating food, which has not been washed properly are some of the main factors which encourage the growth of parasites in your tummy and intestinal system. This is a remedy followed for 3 days in a place I know to deparasite kids. 50 g of pomegranate root bark powdered is boiled in 150 g water. When the water is 50 g, it is given to all the kids 1st thing in the morning, for 3 days. On the 4th day, you are going to find all tummy parasites getting eliminated. 

3. Constipation

The problem with constipation is the amount of side effects it has especially feeling lethargic, lazy, pain in the tummy, and headache. If the constipation is chronic, it can give rise to even more serious ailments. So the 1st thing to prevent constipation is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink pomegranate juice as often as you can, after eating a spoonful of bishops weed. For people suffering from chronic constipation, this is a remedy, which is been in use for millenniums. You need a copper utensil for this. 

These are very common in the East, though they are going out of vogue [or need to come in vogue] in the West. Just place fresh water in a copper utensil, leave it covered throughout the day, and drink it at night. The next morning, you are going to find your system cleared and your constipation gone with the wind, no pun intended. This is the reason why people in the East, do not suffer from chronic constipation. The water utensils placed by the side of their beds are made out of copper, and they drink this water, whenever they wake up during the night. 

4. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a really scary sort of ailment, which can rapidly become life threatening, especially when you do not find any way to stop it. That is because the essential minerals and nutrients of the body are all eliminated. So if you do not have immediate access to medical aid or oral hydration solution, make up a powder of equal amounts of coriander, cumin seed, and aniseed. Drink this with pomegranate juice. You can also mash one ripe banana in pomegranate juice. Or add 2 teaspoons full of mint leaves juice to pomegranate juice, warm it up to lukewarm temperature and drink it down. There, you have 3 remedies, right at hand, when someone in the family has started to suffer from diarrhea, and the doctor is far, far away. 

5. Gastric Problems 

Are you suffering from gastric problems? This normally occurs, when you eat food, which is difficult to digest, especially meat products. Try this remedy to cure gastric problems – one pinch of black salt, hundred grams of pomegranate seeds, 5 g of aniseed and bishops weed, 3 g of cumin seeds. Make up a mixture of these spices with lemon juice, to make a chutney. This delicious chutney needs to be eaten with your lunch and dinner. Not only is this going to solve your gastric problems, but it is also going to help in proper digestion. 

6. Nausea 

Nausea is normally caused when you have not been eating hygienic food, or you have overeaten spicy, rich and fatty fried foods. I gave you the recipe of a churna a little while ago. Give the patient two or 3 of these beans to suck. This is going to make the feeling of nausea disappear. He may ask for more, because they are so tasty. Allow him to have 2 or 3 more after an hour or so. 

7. Pomegranate digestive chutney 

Here is another tasty chutney which you can make especially when you know that all the people at your party are going to overeat on rich and spicy food. Green coriander, mint, black salt, pepper, and pomegranate seeds, in proportions you like along with one clove. Put them all in a blender and grind. Encourage your guests to eat this chutney, so that they do not suffer from nausea, constipation and indigestion brought about by gorging rich and spicy dishes. 

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