7 Grandma’s Natural Remedies and Ancient Herbal Recipes


1.Constipation Remedy 

Remember that constipation is the bane of all those gourmets, who keep eating rich and indigestible food, without bothering about the consequences. They are also going to suffer from acidity. So the best way to deal with any constipation problems is to change your food habits immediately. Start taking fresh fruits and their juices, a couple of times during the day. Boiled vegetables are good, as well as is milk. Fruits and vegetables with plenty of fibers as well as those with roughage are going to clear up and tone up your system. Stop eating meat for 2 to 3 days. Add your liquid intake – not tea and coffee, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages – and add to your vegetable and fruit content. Try munching on raw fruit. You are soon going to see your system clearing up really well. I make sure that I have a 2 L water bottle right next to my bedside before I go to sleep. Because I have the tendency to wake up about three times, every night, I just reach for the bottle, and drink off the water. If you are a healthy sleeper, you would not need to wake up in the night and drink the water before popping off to sleep again. So you are going to finish that water, the first thing in the morning when you are switching off the alarm clock. You are going to need to go to the bathroom within half an hour, thanks to this water, so make sure that you are not rushing off to the office and possibly getting caught in the rush-hour traffic. This is a traditional constipation remedy, which comes under the heading of Rose jam. It is originally Persian, the land of Rose oil, water, and exotic scents. It is called gul- qand- gool kuh-nd. Literally meaning flower jam. 

2. Rheumatic Pain 

Dried ginger is considered to be quite a good way in which you can get rid of rheumatism. Just take a three piece of dried ginger, and grind it with a marble sized chunk of asafoetida. Now asafoetida is very hot, and so is ginger, so you are going to put them in some milk to make a paste. This is then applied to the affected area giving you pain. Sit in the sun, so that the ginger as well as the asafoetida, as well as the rays of the sun can heal you. 

Rheumatism can attack anyone, anywhere. Massaging helps take care of the painI normally make up a massage oil, for people suffering from rheumatism by crushing 3 tablespoons full of powdered nutmeg with three powdered cinnamons and one powdered clove in one cup of sesame oil, or mustard oil. Now, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves are extremely powerful. So this massage is best done in the winter sun especially when you are sunning yourself. You are going to be surprised to see the positive effects helping cure you. Do not apply the oil, when it is boiling hot! It should be easy to touch by your massaging hands and bearably warm on the surface of the skin of the affected person. Massage this for 10 to 20 minutes, if you have the time. Massage lightly, so that the patient does not feel any pain. 

3. Fungal Infections in Nails 

Have you noticed your nails getting disfigured because of fungal infections? These normally happen when you have been dabbling around in contaminated water or have been tiptoeing around the roses and daisies, bare feet. 
This remedy was given to me by a person suffering from fungal infection on the palms of her hands. She wore henna designs on her hands, and that cured her! She told me that if people suffered from terrible fungal infections on their hands, or on their feet, fingers and toes, especially in the Nail area, all they had to do is dip that affected area in a paste of powdered henna – never mind the orange tint – once every day for a week, and see the infection clearing up miraculously. This can only be done by people who do not mind their toes and nails being orange tinted but then that adornment can always be covered by closed shoes! So if you find fungus disfiguring your nails, just apply some paste of the henna with water, and allow to dry. It is going to take anywhere between 15 – 30 minutes for that paste to powder off in greenish brown flakes. It does not do you any harm, so you can leave it on with your orange tinted nails. Repeat this activity for the next week. Try not to walk in dirty, muddy water. 

4. Basil Toothpaste for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy 

Do you have any dried leaves of the sacred basil around? You may find them in your kitchen, if you are using herbs extensively. If you have this basil plant in your garden, well, this is the best way in which you can keep your teeth healthy and you do not have to visit your dentist anymore. 
Make up a toothpaste of these products:

  •  2 fistfuls of dried basil:you collect the basil leaves, and then put them out in the shade in a sunny corner of your terrace, covered with a cloth. This is going to protect your drying leaves from dust and insects. 
  • 1 tablespoon ground pepper 
  • Three crushed dried cloves 
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt 
  • One fistful each of sage and mint leaves.
  •  Juice of one lemon Half a teaspoon bicarbonate of soda. 
  • Half a pea sized amount of powdered alum, roasted first on the griddle on dry heat. 
  • Three Dried Neem leaves. 

Why am I adding these Neem leaves is that they are among the best natural antiseptics. So I am giving them in this toothpaste, because they are going to heal any potential tooth problems. And the lower number is because they are bitter. If you do not mind a bit of bitter taste, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, you can increase the amount of Neem leaves. Grind all these ingredients togetherThen make a paste of toothpase consistency with mustard oil. Mix well. Put it in a wide mouthed jar, and place them in your bathroom. 
I normally dip the bristle side of my toothbrush in this paste, because I am not squeezing it out of a tube. Then brush your teeth, and say goodbye to any sort of dental problems, pain, cavities, and even bad breath. 

5. Hiccup Cure 

 This is rather funny. This normally happens when something blocks your air passage, and you find yourself hiccupping and not even a glassful of water can unblock it. However, if you find it troubling you a lot, then it is not a state of amusement to you or your audience. I remember once as a child, finding myself hiccupping away, and even putting my tongue out and panting and drinking water and swallowing salt could not manage to get rid of the hiccups. 
So my grandmother had to resort to drastic measures, “Well then, I will have to tell your dad that somebody complained to me that you were stealing mangoes from their garden. They saw you. They are remembering you extremely angrily. That is why you cannot stop the hiccups.[1] ” I was totally flabbergasted and forgot my hiccups completely. So while protesting that I was innocent of such a calumny, and the person who said that was the biggest liar alive, I was cured. 
So the answer is – grandma knows, the best way to scare someone into not hiccupping is to scare them out of their collective wits. This was also the first time I learned that Granny had an amazingly dry sense of humor and was not above using it when needed. Anyway, this cure is equally drastic and effective. So if there is nobody human around to scare you, nor can you find cockroaches or rats, rattlesnakes or lizards in the vicinity to help you forget your hiccupping, just burn some freshly powdered peppercorns on the griddle, and inhale deeply. Naturally, you are going to start sneezing and that is going to clear up your passage. 

6. Eczema 

You can also cure a case of eczema by making a mixture of five basil leaves and half a teaspoonful of lemon juice and applying it to the affected area. I normally used turpentine, because I did not know about this natural remedy. My job was to suffocate those parasites causing eczema. But now I can do the same with the basil and lemon cure. The same positive results can also be obtained by applying lemon juice and garlic juice, if you do not have basil leaves around. Not bad! Renew this application, every day until you are totally cured. 

7. Honey and Onion Mix 

This is an extremely useful and easy cure for people suffering from nagging cough or even throat and chest congestion. Chop up an onion into pieces, put it in 3 tablespoons full of pure honey and leave it overnight. You are going to drink 1 tablespoon full of this onion honey three times a day, until your chest condition is cleared up. Try this right now. You can also chop an onion in flakes and cover them with honey. Leave them in the shade for 3 hours. Keep drinking a teaspoonful of this resulting mixture throughout the day. You can also chew on the honeyed onion flakes. 

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