5 Best Body Benefits of Neem Margosa


1. Curing Wounds with Neem 

Remember that no wound is going to get cured, if it is not well cleaned beforehand. So it should be washed with Neem water to get rid of any foreign materials present in that wound. It is also going to prevent germ infection in the initial stages. Infections occur only when wounds have been allowed to fester without anybody taking care of them. There was a time when honey was used to cure infections. But that was only when you do not have Neem around. 

2. Leukoderma Cure 

Make a dried leaf Ash of Neem leaves and using it mixed with Desi ghee in a paste. Apply it all over the white patches. You may find a visible effect on the skin, because that gets the skin melanin growing again, unless you are genetically prone to no melanin in the body. 

3. Fever Cure 

Do you know that Neem bark was used to cure periodic fever and even malaria, when cinchona was not around. This was discovered by Dr. D. D. White in 1803. He made a concoction of Neem bark and fed it to patients suffering from periodic fever. And they were cured. 

But then Neem bark boiled in water has been used as a remedy to get rid of fever down the ages. You may try it, if you are feeling feverish and do not want to go to the doctor. The bark is bitter, just like cinchona. The internal part of the bark is used for curing malaria. In ancient times, if a person suffered from ordinary fever, the family members would just collect the new and green stalks of Neem leaves. They would then grind them up with water and feed that liquid to the patient until the fever was cured. 

4. Pain in Joints 

If you are suffering from joint pain, you can cure this ailment by making a paste of water and the inner portion of the Neem bark. Apply this on the ailing area three times a day. You are going to see a positive effect within the week. 

5. Do your Shoes Bite? 

Believe it or not, one has suffered. After all, there was that mouthwatering display of well-designed shoes at a really reasonable rate. I defy anybody not to get tempted. I am not Imelda Marcos with hundred pairs of shoes, but the ones I have need to fit me well. Unfortunately, sometimes they fit me excellently when I am trying them on, in the shop. But by the time I come back home, my feet are killing me literally and figuratively. 

This is normally what happens when the shoe pinches. Also, you may find your skin getting so chafed that it might get infected. You may never be able to wear those shoes again, because you remember the pain associated with them. That is when your heels, your toes and your feet may find them raw and chafed. 

So all you have to do is cure these chafes by mixing some Neem oil in wax, and applying all over the affected areas. 
I would suggest that you put off leaving wearing those shoes until your feet are healed. 

But if you have to wear them, protect your skin by making up a mixture of Neem leaf Ash in Neem oil, and then applying all over your feet, putting on your socks and then putting on the shoes. 

Another remedy is you can massage your feet with Neem oil, and then sprinkle Neem ash all over your feet. So any chances of any potential wounds can immediately be tackled by the Neem already present on your epidermis. 

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