4 Amazing Body and Skin Benefits Of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera In Ancient Medicine 

Even though researchers are subjecting this versatile plant to scientific study, because they would rather not see the evidence of their own eyes or of time-tested remedies being used down the ages since ancient times, but would prefer to waste precious time and money on getting some statistics which were already known, well, that is their prerogative. I am surprised to see some knowledgeable researcher coming up with a statement like “There is not enough scientific evidence to support Aloe Vera for any of its other uses…” (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)). Well, like I said, time and money… 

Naturally, they will not take into view the knowledge that Aloe Vera has been used in alternative medicine, in Japan, China, Mexico, Egypt, India, Persia, and other ancient civilizations for millenniums. They would rather waste weeks testing out human guinea pigs against their own chemical-based drugs, and hiding the fact that natural remedies are much better alternatives than chemical drugs any day anywhere, anytime. And also, there are some pharmaceuticals and artificially manufactured flavoring companies out there against alternative medicine remedies which do not want to publicize the fact that Aloe Vera is being used as a natural food flavoring which has been approved by the FDA. Well, I go by the knowledge written by Pliny the elder who died in the eruption of Vesuvius, 79 BC, while trying to leave Herculaneum and Pompeii by sea in his Natural History about this magical healing plant. Also, in ancient Ayurveda, this plant is used to treat a number of skin diseases, because of the presence of saponin which is an antimicrobial agent. 

who died in the eruption of Vesuvius, 79 BC, while trying to leave Herculaneum and Pompeii by sea in his Natural History about this magical healing plant. Also, in ancient Ayurveda, this plant is used to treat a number of skin diseases, because of the presence of saponin which is an antimicrobial agent. 

1. Diabetes 

A doctor who suffered from diabetes tried out this experiment of a mixture of Aloe Vera juice along with the bitter gourd juice once a day to control his sugar levels. According to them, this worked wonderfully for him. I do not know whether there is any scientific basis of Aloe Vera helping him, but everybody knows that ancient Indian medicine uses bitter gourd juice to help cure diabetes. A glass full of Aloe Vera and bitter gourd with his lunch was a part of his daily diet. And he says that he feels more energetic and healthier. 

Too much oral ingestion of Aloe Vera may cause you to suffer from diarrhea, because Aloe Vera has been used as a laxative, along with castor seeds in the East for ages. Also, if you eat too much of this plant, you may suffer from nausea, a dry mouth and a headache. Well, nausea, and dry mouth is the logical side effect to something so strong. I find the same side effect if I drink neem juice which is equally beneficial, but which is equally strong and causes an equally bad tasting dry mouth. You may want to try some fresh orange juice over this to balance the electrolytes. In India, it is normally chased up with a tablespoon of concentrated clarified butter – desighee. That prevents any potential harmful side effects through drinking large quantities of this normally health giving juice. 

Many kitchens in the East have a mixture of clarified butter – Aloe Vera gel – turmeric in glass bottles. That is because cooks consider it to be an excellent healing mixture to cope with kitchen disasters like Burns and scalds.

How to make Desi Ghee (clarified butter), to use in making up Aloe Vera ointments. 
Start collecting cream from your daily milk supply. 6 to 8 days, will give you enough of cream to make Desi ghee. Heat the milk cream, and you are going to find it melting into Desi ghee. The leftover sediment is delicious, when spread on Indian breads, Pita breads, or over any spicy dish. Villagers traditionally make Desi ghee in Asia by adding yogurt to the cream for a week or so. They intend to turn it into buttermilk, fresh butter and Desi ghee by churning. This turning process has three stages. Add water to the yoghurt cream mixture and you get buttermilk and butter. Heat the butter and you are going to get Desi ghee. 

Remember to remove the sediment from the top, when you store this Desi ghee in airtight glass bottles. The sediment is delicious on breads with honey. One tablespoonful of this highly concentrated powerful oil spread on every meal surface, including vegetables, pulses and beans every available visible surface and eaten every day is considered to be the reason why so many people stay healthy in the villages of Asia. This is, of course, supported with plenty of hard physical work throughout the day. 

2. Arthritis 

Treat arthritis by massaging a mixture of Aloe Vera pulp in warm mustard oil, all over the affected area. You can also extract the pulp, heat it with any oil – coconut oil, wheat germ oil and olive oil – place it on a piece of cotton and allow it to “foment” the painful area. This is going to alleviate the pain. 

3. Liver Tonic 

This liver tonic was told to me by an ancient Shaman. He says that he is ninety seven years old, but he lies. I am sure that he is not less than 120 or even more, going by his wrinkles and his old wise eyes. But he has really dark hair, because he eats 50 g/ml Aloe Vera pulp with milk every day without fail. [A little less than 2 tablespoons.] He says, that that stopped the graying process. Well, I will start doing that when I reach my 60s. 

Also, he made this liver tonic for me, and here is the recipe – Take 1 kg of Aloe Vera pulp. Add 50 g of lemon juice, 5 g of Indian gooseberry powder, 5 g of powdered ginger, and 50 g of pure rock salt. Mix them all together, place them in a glass jar and allow this tonic to ripen in the sun for 10 to 15 days. Now every morning take 3 teaspoons of this liquid without fail to tone up your liver. This is 15 mL. 1 tablespoon is 30 mL. 

4. Sprain remedy 

This is something which I found out on my own. I am a great fan of aloe Vera. I am also a great fan of turmeric. I am not so great a fan of mustard oil, which is also a great curative, but how it does pong. And that is why some days ago, when I twisted my ankle, [sprain, sprain go away] I tried out this remedy. Take out the pulp of aloe Vera. Add some turmeric powder to it. Heat it on slow heat until the turmeric gets assimilated in the aloe Vera.

Allow to cool to lukewarm. Put this paste on a piece of cotton cloth and bind up the sprain. I found the pain lessening on two or three applications, which I did as soon as the mixture had started to cool down. I think this is autosuggestion, or perhaps even the application of hot and cold. You may want to try it. Remember that turmeric stains. So do not apply this mixture when you are sitting on your sofa or on your bed. 

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