11 Secrets That Nurses Keep From Their Patients

A good, caring nurse can be the difference between a pleasant hospital visit and a terrible one. And while you might know your nurse’s name, a lot goes on before, during, and after your stay that you might not be aware of. From the ER to the ICU, here are a few insights from caregivers from different arms of the nursing profession. 

Note: These nurses did not want me to use their full names or identify their hospitals, for fear of being reprimanded at work. I’ve used their first names only.

then here are 10 secrets your nurse has been keeping from you I guess nurses are a secretive bunch. But if it’s right what they say, that the truth will set you free, then here are 11 secrets your nurse has been keeping from you.

Here are 11 Secrets That Nurses Keep From Their Patients

1. WebMD is the enemy

Nurses love it when you’re educated on your symptoms and potential treatments, but they say that sometimes the Internet does more harm than good for patients. “If I had a nickel for every time someone came in and said, ‘WebMD says this,’ I wouldn’t have to work,” says Hilary, a neurosurgical nurse in Washington, D.C. “Google searching can be disastrous because it can cause panic.

It’s important to get information straight from medical staff as opposed to looking it up on the computer and thinking they have 24 hours to live.” 

2. Nobody wants the Monday shift

The beginning of the week is rough for most of us, but nurses have it particularly bad. “If someone is sick, they’ll wait to come in until Monday,” explains Lila, an emergency room Registered Nurse in Nashville, Tenn. This means Mondays are slammed with people who’ve been living with their symptoms for several days. Plus, hospitals are short-staffed on weekends, so productivity drops. “Most of the main team takes the weekends off,” says Jessica, a transplant nurse.

“So when you come in on Mondays you’ll get tons of orders because nothing was done all weekend.”